Beta War Reborn Development

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Server Feature : Hero II With Hunter Kit
Status : Online
Type: PurePVP Server
Max Level : 115
Start Level : 110

EXP POUCH : 110 - 115

Gameplay :
Farm for your stuffs, you can farm some Semi donated Items!

Download Patcher :
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Download:   Direct Download

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Server Rates:
Armor , Weapon , Accessories
Max : +20
1-20 = 100%
Server Farm Site:
Hazy and Altar of Roha
Monster Drop:
Rahkon Dungeon 3 and Ronelia
Monster Drop:
Donate Tickets
IP Tickets = 500 . 1000 . 1750

Upper Gratt
Drop : 3k - 10k IP Ticket
Talisman Name | Boss Name
Walter Medal Master Attack - Terror Blade
Token of Forrese - Token of Forrese
Token of Victory - Token of Victory
Lucky Medalion of Beta - Beta's Lucky Medallion
Snowman Lucky Talisman - Giant Snowman Attacker
Piece of Silva - Puck You Queen
Gold Trophy - Alien Russell
Reward Talisman - The King Barney
Alchemist's LIFE Stats (3D) - AeroGlyphics
Enchantress Hunter Kit (7Days) - Enchantress Queen
Puma's Hunter Kit (1 Day) - Puma King

Main Boss :
Eye + Ear +150 Vit/All Stat

Costume Drops [Body] [Head]
Death Dragon
Red Dragon
Earth Snake
Santa Claus Servant

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Do not Beg Some Items , Don't Be Demanding!